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I’ve never seen a dog even remotely interested in a cat laser toy, but there’s a first for everything.

This year for Christmas my sister gave us a new laser pointer for our kitties, as the one they used to love broke long ago.  As soon as we turned it on, both our dog and our buddy’s dog went wild and chased the laser, went digging for it when it landed on their doggie beds, the works.  These are both really big dogs!  They are not graceful as they clomp away madly chasing the red light!

They are so into their new toy they scare away Sous-Lit, my little girl kitty, and she doesn’t get much chance to chase it herself.  Le Sigh.  But she still tries; as soon as they hear the metallic jingle of the pointer they all come running!

Who would’ve thunk it?!?