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I don’t like to do much in the way of website creation.  I used to be a programmer for years and I am resisting going down that road again.

However, there is always the need to go in and tweak something or change something on my own website, and the occasional client’s website as well.  So, I needed to find a good html editor, and that’s when I discovered KompoZer.

I had trouble initially finding an editor that would work with a Mac, but in this regard KompoZer works beautifully.  And it’s free!  You can’t beat that.

As long as you’re not looking for something fancy dancy, KompoZer is a great tool.  You do need to know some html code, there are no nifty drag and drop type features, but it gets the job done in a very neat and tidy way.  I would not recommend using it to create a new website unless you are an html expert though!

So, if you’re like me and you are comfortable around code, and you just want to spiffy your website up now and then or occasionally add a new page, then KompoZer is an excellent choice!