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We can all get overwhelmed at times, and then some of us (like me) get stuck in this constant state of “I have so much to do!”  We can get stuck on high gear much longer than we actually need to.

As entrepreneurs we need to recognize when we’re getting stuck in this loop, and then stop and take a breath before taking stock of what really needs to be done, what can be simplified, and where we’re headed.

Yes, there are times when this high speed, get the job done attitude can save the day, but it can’t and shouldn’t last for a long time.  If even after you take stock and have a look at what you’re doing you realize that you really honestly do have so much to do, then perhaps it’s time to start working with a Virtual Assistant to help you stay on top of everything.  Because remember, if you’re getting stressed out and your work starts to slip, then that isn’t good for you or your clients.

So, learn to recognize when you’re in the overwhelm loop and get yourself out of it!  Your body and your business will thank you.