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If you ever need to make short how-to videos so that you can show someone what you’re doing on your desktop and record your voice at the same time, the two best programs to use are Jing and Screencast.

Jing is the one that does the recording and it can also take screenshots.  The videos have to be less than five minutes long, but that has not been an issue for me at all.  Jing works on both PCs and Macs, and best of all it’s free!  Free is always good.

Once you’ve recorded your videos Screencast is the place where you can store and organize them all.  Screencast is also free (yay again!) and it works in direct conjunction with Jing so as soon as you’re done recording you can click a button and voila!  It gets uploaded to your Screencast account.  Once there you can organize your videos into folders and then share individual videos and/or entire folders.

Jing and Screencast together are powerful tools for you to quickly and easily create how-to videos for your clients, and I highly recommend them both.