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Going to the IVAA Conference This Fall

by | Jul 12, 2017 | For VA's | 0 comments

It’s official, I’m registered! Going to the IVAA Live Summit this fall, hooray! And it’s going to be in Vancouver, double hooray!! The conference hasn’t been in Canada for something like 12 years or so, how I could not go?

For anyone who is a VA and is considering going but are as yet undecided, have a look at the post from a bunch of years ago when I attended my first IVAA Live Summit in Portland. I highly recommend attending IVAA’s Live Summits if you’re able to, there’s just something special about getting together in person with other VAs.

And I’ll actually be a “speaker” this year, if you can call it that – my job is to get our butts of the chairs and up and stretching and dancing for a few 15 minute stints each day, keep the energy flowing!

See you there…