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Especially if you’re just beginning in your business, but any time that you’re starting a new marketing tactic, it can seem discouraging when you don’t see immediate results.  But, I’m here to tell you that most marketing doesn’t give immediate results, but as long as you’re marketing consistently you will see results in the end.

For example, I’ve been organizing a big event for a client and there’s always a flurry of activity at the beginning of this type of project: Finding the venue, sending out emails to the list, blog postings, press releases, advertising in print and online – loads of marketing tactics that have always worked for us in the past.

So, because I’ve been putting in so much effort at the beginning I’m expecting to have some kind of response pretty quickly.  But none was coming!  I was starting to get worried and thinking that I’ve missed something or I’ve done something wrong, but at the same time I continued plugging away with the scheduled emails, blog posts, advertisements, etc.

Then all of a sudden, one day everybody decided to take action at once – my marketing was getting through to people!  So, if I had let my impatience and worries get the best of me and just stopped in the middle of my marketing schedule thinking that nothing was working anyways, probably not as many people would have had my client’s event forefront in their mind.

So, if you do a bit of marketing and don’t get a response – don’t worry!  Be consistent, keep up your marketing, and eventually it will pay off.