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My sweetie and I have decided to shake up our eating habits. We already eat really, really well, but it’s still good to shake things up a bit now and then, right?

So we heard about an anti-inflammation eating method. The basic rules are: for three weeks you need to eliminate certain foods so that your body can rebalance itself, and then after those three weeks you add these things back in one at a time to see if you have a reaction to them. You can eat as much as you want, no calorie or portion control at all (which is good or I wouldn’t be doing it, I think limits like that do more harm than good). Sounds simple enough, eh?  Three weeks without dairy, wheat, sugar, and some red meats, I can do that.

The idea is to be aware of what causes your body to react so that you can make decisions in the future about whether you will eat such-and-such or not or in what quantity. I have rarely been sensitive to many things so I’m not anticipating coming across much at all, but you never know. And it’s kinda fun to have to come up with new food ideas for our meals, we’ve been eating lots and lots of good stuff, and it makes us add more variety to our diet. My general rule is everything in moderation is fine.

But gosh, now that we’re into it a few weeks, there is one thing that I’m missing the most: toast. Just plain ole toast with butter, Le Sigh. Such a simple treat! So, can you guess what will be the first things that I’ll re-introduce to my diet? Yep, you got it: wheat and butter! Only a few more days to go…