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I get asked this question a lot, from a whole range of different folks.  Some are friends or past acquaintances of mine, others are friends of friends, and others have found me on their own.

I actually love chatting with folks about how I got started and giving them some recommendations on where to get some useful info.  It’s exciting and fun every time because each person’s story is unique!

And over time although my answers to their questions are evolving, I’m finding there are a few core ideas and directions that have been found to be the most useful.  So, instead of remembering what it was that I mentioned to so-and-so the last time, I’ve started to compile a list.  What did I learn in my first couple of years as a VA?  What did I spend my money on, and what would I spend it on again?  Where should a person start?

I haven’t decided if it will become an ebook or if I can lay it out piece by piece in my blog, but either way I’ll be putting in some serious thought and consideration to compile this important info.

So for all of you aspiring VA’s out there, keep the questions coming!  Congratulations on being brave enough to take the first step and ask for help from those of us that have experience!  I hope I can continue to help you on your path to success!