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I’ve been thinking lately about the possibility of moving to another part of BC, and in the process I’m thinking about what exactly from my office I will need to keep with me in order to continue working smoothly.

I mean really, I have loads of drawers and nooks that hold things like office supplies, files, electrical equipment and cords, but if space were limited, how much of this stuff would I really need close to hand in order to do my job?

Have you ever thought about conserving space or downsizing?  Even if you don’t plan to ever change your office location, I think it would still be an excellent exercise to take a look around at least once a year and decide what you need and what you don’t in order to keep running smoothly.  Get rid of those old processes and the paperwork/folders that go along with it – it’s amazing how much lighter I can feel, more energetic, when I’ve got clutter out of my way!

So, take the time to give your office the once-over and I guarantee you’ll feel better for it!