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I had a visitor today who told me about the coolest thing that made total sense to me.

I can’t remember the source unfortunately, but we were talking about the different types of energies involved when you are doing different things in your life and work.  Some things give you loads of energy and others seem like a slog to get through.  Using work as an example, not everyone can be really good at everything, and some things come more naturally than others – that’s when she told me about these quadrants.

Competency QuadrantsPicture a circle (just because I like circles!) and break it into four quadrants.  Each quadrant represents your four different competency levels:  Incompetent, Competent, Very Competent, and Genius.

Now choose a task and decide where it fits best in relation to you.

For example, I get really excited about Efficiency and how to help organize others so that they can be efficient too.  So for me, Efficiency would definitely be in the Genius quadrant!  I love it, everything flows when I’m doing it, and I have amazing energy when I’m working in relation to it.

On the other hand if I were to use simple data entry as another example, I would probably put it somewhere between the Competent and Incompetent quadrants – I don’t enjoy it, it hurts my eyes, I can do it if I need to, but I feel very heavy by the end of the task.  Definitely not much energy going on there.

With these things in mind, wouldn’t be super interesting to plot most of our daily tasks and see where the majority of them fall?  How fascinating!  Even without the plotting out, doesn’t it make the most sense to spend as much time as possible hanging out in our Genius quadrant?  Think of all we could accomplish with the super abundance of energy!