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Believe it or not I actually heard about GoToMeeting on the Howard Stearn Show on Sirius Radio!

Of course I had heard about it before as well, but I hadn’t really paid that much attention to it.  But, with Howard’s smooth, convincing voice and a search for a solution for a client of mine, I suddenly started paying attention.

Turns out that GoToMeeting is very slick in that it lets you share your desktop, and therefore whatever you’re running on it whether you’re on a Mac or a PC (always handy in my world).  I’ve worked with other group meeting software and often they are limited to just PowerPoint presentations, which means you have to have thought it all out ahead of time, no possibility for on-the-fly show and tell.  And, I’ve also run into some online seminars where I’ve paid for them and it turns out I can’t participate simply because I have a Mac and their silly system doesn’t support me – how annoying!

With GoToMeeting you can show anything you want, whenever you want, to whomever you want: slideshows, videos, you name it.  Hooray!  How easy is that?