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I believe that fostering animals is good for my soul.  Especially since I lost my Pippin last month, it’s actually been soothing to have some other creatures around.

So far we had one sweet little kitty that we named JuJube and she got adopted by my sweetie Damian’s sister – hooray!  She gets to stay in the family!  Such a cutie, and now she lives in Prince George and her name is Rosie.

Next we had a little chi-cross of some kind from L.A. of all places.  Her name was officially Hailey, but she was very timid so we decided she needed a new strong name, and so she became Silencia (Syl for short) because she didn’t make much noise at all.  A real cutie, loved nothing better than a nice lap to lay on, and now she’s been adopted by a very nice fellow who has named her Rosa.

Who’s next?  My hope is that we’ll eventually come across a kitty that my little girl, Sous-Lit, bonds with, and then that will be the one that we keep.  Sous has been very clingy since Pippin died, and I think she’d like another companion so it’s just a matter of finding the one that fits.

In the meantime it’s great to be giving back to the community and being able to volunteer without having to drive somewhere every day.  If you’ve got the space and the love, give fostering a try!  But beware, you might fall in love…