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If you’re wanting to pass a value to a custom field in one of your Fast Secure contact forms (the plugin for WordPress), the format has changed: now you need to use the tag of the field, not the field number.

For example, let’s say you want to pre-populate a custom field on one of your contact forms based on what a person has clicked. You have a custom field called Employee Name that has the tag of emp_name and it is the 5th field on your contact form. Whenever someone clicks the Contact button from an employees page, we want that employees name to be pre-populated when the user is taken to the contact form. Let’s say our employee’s name is Bob Smith.

So, before you would make the url using the field number, like this:


The ?2 represents which contact form we’re using, and the ex_field5 represents the 5th field on the contact page.

Now, instead of referencing the field number, we need to reference the field tag (you can find the tag by looking at your contact form admin area), like this:


The reference to the contact page is still the same, just the field reference has changed.