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So you’re ready to start podcasting, you’ve chosen your music and you’re all set to record your Intro that will be attached to each podcast you create.

But what the heck should your Intro say?

Remember it has to be generic enough that it can be used with every single podcast that you create.  Basically now is your chance to introduce yourself and/or your business to the listener, and you want to do it now at the very beginning so that you can reinforce your brand and let the listener know, without a doubt, exactly what and who they are listening to.

So, here are some important pieces that you should think of including in your Intro:

  • The title of your podcast series
  • Your name/your business name
  • What your podcasts provide, a summary of what they offer to the listener
  • Your website
  • An invitation of some kind eg. visit your website, sign up for free e-book, sign up for newsletter, subscribe to the podcast, etc.

Try to keep it short and sweet and yet at the same time make sure to provide all the necessary information so that folks know who you are, what you’re providing, and how they can find out more.