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Every professional sounding podcast will need both an Intro and an Outro as part of the package.  The good news is, you only have to create these once and then they can be used over and over again with each podcast you create.

The main piece of both your intro and outro is the underlying music.  This is the fun part!  You get to choose some piece of music that fits your theme and catches the attention of your listener, yet isn’t overwhelming or obnoxious.

My favourite place to find royalty-free music is at StockMusic.net The tracks here are not free, but they are very reasonably priced.  You can search for your music by keyword, genre, mood, instrument, and more.  Once you find a few that might fit the bill just listen to the clips and choose the one that works the best.

Next you can record your introduction and your closing remarks, and in the end combine each with the music you’ve chosen to create two separate audio clips: one Intro and one Outro.

Now the next time you record a new podcast all you have to think about is the content, and when that is up to snuff simply tack on your Intro at the beginning and your Outro at the end and voila!  One complete and professional sounding podcast.