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DV Team plugin review

by | Jun 15, 2016 | For VA's, Product Reviews | 0 comments

I recently discovered the DV Team plugin by egemenerd and it definitely fit the bill for what I was looking for – I needed a plugin that could display all the team members of a company in a visually appealing way that was responsive of course, and when you clicked on the photo of a person a pop up window appeared showing more info about that person.

The DV Team plugin definitely fit that bill, it has many different layouts to choose from and lots can be customized from colours to sizes. And as an added bonus the plugin can also include categories so you can create all sorts of different groups within it, for example: team members, portfolio items, awards, etc. etc., and each of these can be displayed in a different section of the site while excluding the others. Very handy! It also includes sub-categories so you can let the user sort any given display.

All in all I liked working with the DV Team plugin – it was easy to use and flexible.

The only issue I have is that it doesn’t include any support so if you happen to come across any strange glitches of any kind, unless you can find a solution in the FAQs or the old forum you’re out of luck.