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GoToMeeting is awesome for sharing your desktop and can also create video recordings of your screen sharing, however the video files that are created are often quite large which makes it difficult to distribute to those who may want to see it again.

But, there is indeed a simple way to distribute your videos and there are only a couple, albeit very important, steps that you need to take in order for it all to work.

First of all, before your meeting begins you need to choose a specific setting for the resulting recording – if you forget this very first step then nothing else will work, particularly if you’re working on a Mac.  The setting you need to choose is the one that says, “Covert to Windows Media Player”.  Now you can go ahead and start your meeting and record it.

Next, set yourself up with a free Vimeo account – there are paid options as well, but chances are you don’t need a paid version unless you’re going to be using your videos commercially and/or you’ll have a high volume of them.

Once you’ve got your Vimeo account set up, upload your video – it will take a few minutes to upload and from there a half an hour or so to encode it, but in the meantime you can adjust the rest of your video settings (for example, password protection, naming of your video, adding it to a collection, etc.)

Once your video has been successfully uploaded and encoded Vimeo will send you an email confirmation – sweet!  No need to hang around checking whether it’s worked or not, I love that.  Now all you need to do is share the video with yourself, you’ll get an email with the link to the video (and the password if you’ve chosen to set one up), and you can now send that link to whomever you wish!

Ta Da!