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I recently switched browsers and in the process had to remember a few different preferences that I had forgotten I put in place the last time.

One of these being the Multiple Sign-in Feature for Google – man that thing is annoying! I do a lot of work for a lot of different clients, and as a result I always make sure I log out of anything Google when I’m finished. But, with the Multiple-Sign in Feature now I’ve got a massive list of all the accounts that I may or may not access at any given time, how silly. I just want a simple log in page with nothing fancy, and I don’t want any random accounts that I don’t access very often staring me in the face looking for attention! Sheesh.

So I finally remembered it was a very simple fix to get rid of this: all you have to do is make sure the Stay Signed In checkbox is UNCHECKED and Bob’s your uncle (by the way I actually do have an uncle named Bob!).

If a couple of accounts are already showing when you try to sign into something google and you want to clear them all away, click the Remove button and then click the ‘x’ that will show up next to each account to get yourself back to the blank login page.

Thankfully, a super simple solution.