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I know, I know, it’s Irish not Scottish, but I’m still excited that I’m learning a new language!

I have to say I’m very impressed with the Rosetta Stone course, it uses lots of pictures and sounds and it never really tells you exactly what you’re saying, it makes you figure it out based on the “theme” of the lesson and it’s totally working for me.

My sweetie Damian really likes it too, although he gets pretty cheesed off when the spelling of a word doesn’t match what it sounds like at all!  Just based on various books that I’ve read that have a wee bit of Gaelic in them here and there, or characters names sometimes, I think I know a bit more than he does in the way of how some things should be pronounced so that stuff isn’t bothering me at all.  It’s very entertaining to listen to someone else say the lessons out loud, that’s for sure!

Damian is pretty big into etymology so I looked some stuff up and it turns out that Dia also means God in Old Irish, and the way to say Bless You in Scottish Gaelic after someone sneezes is Dia leat.  You see, similarities abound between the two I’m sure!  I’m determined to make the connection!