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I’ve been reading a lot recently about declaring your expertise in your business, and I admit I sometimes find this very challenging.

As soon as I start thinking about tooting my own horn I feel reluctant, like I don’t want to push myself on people.  I’m really much more comfortable being behind the scenes.  But what a bunch of hooey – how is anyone ever going to magically know what I’m good at unless I tell them?!?

I’ve heard folks say that they get stuck trying to come up with just exactly what it is they’re experts at, and I think this is more common than we may think.  In this case what I would recommend is to poll your existing and past clients and ask them what they think you’re best at.  Most of us don’t see ourselves very clearly, and getting some outside input can be very, very valuable.

So I’d like to pass this on to everyone else out there who has a hard time putting themselves forward – stand up and declare your expertise!  You are the best at what you do!  It’s time to admit it and be proud of it, and then the clients that are seeking your expertise can find you much more easily.  It’s a win-win situation!