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Have you ever tried to crowd around a laptop to look at someone’s photos and wished for a better view? Or have you been looking for an intimate and unique gift for someone special? Perhaps you have a slideshow or photos you are using for a business presentation and you want to be able to give copies to your prospects and clients?

I have had experiences in the past with groups of people trying to crowd around a computer to watch a photo slideshow and trust me when I say it’s not pretty! Either someone’s head/shoulder/arm/hair-do was in the way, or else the screen just wasn’t big enough to see from any distance. Wouldn’t it be a much more pleasant experience if we could see the photos on a nice BIG screen from the comfort of a cushy chair or couch?

I’ve also had times where I’ve been given a promo disc of some sort, only to discover that when I get home and plug it into my Mac it won’t play because I don’t have the necessary program installed. What a tragic waste! What if those promos contained information about the product of my dreams? Now I’ll never know, and the business that gave me the disc is spending their hard-earned money just to miss out on potential clients.

Consider this alternative solution to both scenarios: SMac To The Rescue can create photo slideshows that can be played on any DVD player, and we’re not talking about boring old slideshows that have no pizzazz either. Picture a beautiful DVD complete with interactive menus, each “chapter” containing a series of photos accompanied by just the right music and smooth transitions. Now we’re talking!

Don’t have your photos in digital format yet? No problem, we can scan them for you. In fact, we can even create digital pictures from your old slides! The next step is to organize your photos into the groups that will become the “chapters” on the DVD. Then, either you can choose the music you want for each chapter, or we can choose music that we think is the best fit.

Voila! The end result is a fun and interactive DVD that can be played on any DVD player – a portable & unique solution for both personal use and business endeavors.