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I’ve been feeling bad for a couple of my chickens lately, they are losing back feathers to the rooster from whenever he “treads” on their backs while mating.  And for some reason, he always chooses the same two girls, Ruby and Amber, one of them most often (Amber), and there is really no way to stop it short of separating everyone.

Amber's Superhero CapeThen all of a sudden Amber got way worse, and I had to take some quick action before she got hurt and whipped up a chicken jacket/saddle for her, and enlisted my sweetie to help hold her while I put it on.  It was my first try and to be honest I think it was too big, it didn’t sit flat and it seemed to really bug her and eventually she managed to pull it off.  In the meantime though I cranked out version 2 with some modifications, so at the end of the day we did the ole switcheroo and got that one on her instead.

And voila!  Right away it fit better and she didn’t fiddle with it trying to get it off again.  I’m afraid it might not be wide enough, but so far it seems okay.  As you can see it looks a little goofy (she’s the one on the left), but when I sent a photo to my mom she said it looks like she has a Superhero cape – I like that idea way better!  Much cooler!

So here’s to our new Superhero – Amber!  Come to save the day with her dainty little eggs!  Now if only there was something I could do about her practically bald head – a chicken helmet maybe?