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Having recently built and moved into our new house, I am on very familiar terms with Chaos at the moment.

Some days I go absolutely crazy wanting to get everything organized and done, but there’s always a logical sequence to events that has to be followed: I can’t set up the rest of my office until I have a table of some sort; I won’t have a table of some sort until my husband builds it for me; my husband can’t build it for me because he’s building the kitchen cupboards first so that we can unpack some dishes and food and make ourselves a proper meal; etc. etc.  Besides there was an electrical problem and there had to be a hole cut in the wall of my office to fix it, and the hole needs be fixed before the rest of the office can be set up, blah blah blah, into the whole big circle again.  Arrgh!  Chaos!

I know myself and how I like to “be”, and therefore I know that I am very affected by my surroundings.  So, when there is chaos and mess all around me I really find it hard to concentrate on work and get things done.

And then I have to remember that if I allow myself to get caught up in this circle of craziness then I won’t get as much work done, then I’ll start to feel more chaotic, then I won’t have time to fix the chaos around me, and I’ll get even more chaotic, and so on and so on.  Chaos breeds chaos!

It’s a good lesson for me to remember that I can focus on whatever I choose, and yes even though I am surrounded by chaos at the moment it won’t last forever.  I can tackle my obstacles one step at a time, and as I knock them off my list then I will start to feel better and better, and in the end the chaos will be vanquished!  One step at a time, that’s a great lesson for both work and life in general.