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My sweetie has a radio show that all of our family is constantly asking to listen to in case they miss an episode or want to re-listen to their favourites (FYI it’s called Simple Soulful if you want to check it out).  So we needed to find a way to quickly and easily post audio files, and Blubrry PowerPress seems to fit the bill.

I’d always heard in the past about PodPress, but apparently it’s not working so great anymore, there seems to be some debate as to whether it’s supported anymore, so I decided not to go there.  And, in the description for Blubrry it says that it’s basically designed as an upgrade to PodPress, so that sounds much better to me.

So turns out it was super easy to install and once we’ve got most of his shows up on there we’re going to submit it all to iTunes – the plugin supports all of this and makes it really easy to do.

What are some other podcasting plugins that work great?