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We’re in the midst of expanding our chicken yard, yay!

They’ve already got a pretty big yard as it is, but with this summer being so darn hot for much longer than usual I’ve been feeling badly that my poor chickies tend to hang out in one little spot behind the chicken house during a particular time of the day when that’s the only shade available. After that they’ve got more and more shade, but still, I don’t like it and I’m sure they’re none too keen on it either.

So, we’re going to expand into the trees next to their yard – make it really really big and all throughout what’s already called the Chicken Nook, so they’ll not only have loads of shade available at any time of the day, but now they’ll also have all sorts of new and different places to scratch away and just be chickens.

And, at the same time we’ll bring out the front of the yard a bit too so that it’s not such a pain in the butt to get in and around the gate and the front door to clean – at the moment the wheelbarrow just barely fits in there, it’s so annoying! Any farmer knows that if it’s not easy it won’t get done very often so that really needs to be improved.

I’ll post a picture once it’s done, we’ve just started with the post-hole digging today. Exciting!