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I always try to remember this super simple communication tip whenever I’m networking, talking with clients, or talking with possible future clients: Be Curious About Them.

I know, it sounds silly it’s so easy, but it can be easier to forget than you may think.  Let’s say someone comes up to you or calls you and starts asking you all sorts of questions about yourself and/or your business.  Wow!  This person thinks I’m interesting!  And of course we’re passionate about our business so off we go, happily chatting away whilst glowing with the attention we’re getting.  It’s easy to get carried away with our own passions and interests, so we have to remember that this person would also love to have some attention, someone who thinks they’re interesting as well, right?

It only takes a question or two to get the conversation rolling on their side because remember they’re most likely passionate about their business and their interests too, so all you have to do is make the effort to reciprocate and the conversation will take care of itself.

And really, don’t you want to be curious about other folks?  Who knows where the conversation may lead!