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Luckily I have one of those weird brains that stores random information that just seems to pop out at the strangest times, right exactly when I need it.  And everyone else around me is shaking their heads saying, “how the heck did you remember that?”.

Let me explain: I have recently moved to the Kootenays from Northern BC (hooray!), and I had arranged a suite in my new town where I would be staying for a couple months while our new house is being built.  I did all my research and made sure that this place had high speed internet so that I could continue to work as usual.

Well, you never know when there will be a bump in your plans, any kind of plans for that matter, and I remembered why it’s always good to have a backup plan with regards to Internet connection.  The afternoon I arrived it turns out the Internet in the place I was going to stay was down, and it wasn’t going to be fixed for a week.  Poop!  Right there is where my brain did it’s magical trick and I suddenly remembered seeing a website for a small business centre in the next town over – it was on the website of a building centre which is why it stood out, I remember wondering why a building store had a business centre?  No matter, we called them up, drove over and got me all hooked up, and I was there for a week until the Internet was up and running at my new place.  Whew!  That worked out well!

Now for the future, I know that I can go to this place in a pinch if we have any other Internet woes.  What do you have in your area?  Does your local library have Internet access, and do they also have accessible hours?  What about a business centre where you can rent a space if need be?

It’s always a good idea to know what is available in your area, just in case you encounter some crazy Internet connection situation that might grind your working day to a halt.  Your clients will thank you, and you’ll give yourself some peace of mind.