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iTunes is a pretty slick medium to have your podcasts in, and from there it’s super easy for folks to subscribe to your podcasts.

In order to submit your podcasts to iTunes you’ll first need to have a dedicated rss feed just for your podcasts alone.  The good news is if you’re using WordPress there is a great plugin called PodPress that will help you with this.

Next you’ll need an iTunes friendly graphic for your podcast – it should be 300 x 300 pixels.

Last but not least you’ll need an iTunes account.  Once you’ve got the account you can log in, go to the iTunes Store, click on the Podcasts menu at the top, and then select Submit a Podcast from the menu on the right hand side.  Once you’re here you can begin the process to submit your podcast feed and also get any info you need about submitting your podcast.

Voila!  You are now listed in iTunes podcasts.