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I’m not entirely sure of the answer yet, but I’ve asked around and it looks like I have one of two choices:

1. I can either create a new custom page template in WordPress, create a fresh new page and then stuff my html into it, then set this new page as my Homepage.

2. Apparently there are plugins out there that help you to create a splashpage, although I haven’t done a bunch of research in this area yet so I can’t tell you which plugins they are.

My initial thought is that I will want more control than a plugin will give me, and I’m such a coding geek that control is very important!  I’m at home in code, I find it interesting, and I want to be able to make it do exactly what I want it to do.

But I’m not totally set in my ways, I’d love to hear everyone’s opinion on which method is the best way to add a static html page to a wordpress site.

What do you think?