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Acuity Online Appointment Scheduling

by | Jan 24, 2017 | Efficiency, For VA's, Product Reviews | 0 comments

I’ve recently had the chance to work quite a bit with Acuity – if you’ve never heard of it before, Acuity is an online scheduler that connects with your calendar and allows you to send links to your peeps and schedule meetings.

But I’m learning that Acuity has so many other excellent features, it’s really turned into a timesaver! You can incorporate questionnaires; you can have a variety of types of appointments available; you can choose to send a link of all your appointment types, a category of types, or just one type at a time; you can customize your confirmation and reminder emails; you can limit the number of appointments allowed to be booked in one day; you can block off extra time before and after every appointment that gets scheduled; etc. etc. the list goes on! It’s really quite amazing once you start digging in and seeing what your options are.

And it’s super easy to navigate, both behind the scenes and for your clients – always a good thing.

So if you’re looking for an online scheduling solution I definitely recommend Acuity.