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For those of you that have a large amount of passwords to remember, 1Password is an excellent utility that can save and restore passwords for you.  Particularly when it comes to we Virtual Assistants, a secure password utility of some kind is an excellent idea to keep track of not only our own passwords, but those of our clients as well.

And the best part is, 1Password also works for Mac!  Yay!  An automatic bonus in my books.

I find 1Password incredibly easy to use – whenever you enter a username & password on a site that hasn’t been stored yet, a little pop-up menu will ask you whether you want to save this login or not.  You can even create folders for yourself within 1Password to help you organize your passwords (hint hint – for VA’s we can have a separate folder for each client!).  And, you can save more than one login for the same site!  For example, when I bring up Facebook I have 7 different logins to choose from: some are mine, some are my clients.

I also love the fact that you can save Identities and Wallets with 1Password as well – this means that I can give myself an Identity that has my name, address, phone number, etc., so that whenever I need to fill out forms I can just restore my chosen Identity and everything gets filled in for me!  Same goes for wallets, you can store your credit card info, and then when you’re buying something online you just restore from your chosen Wallet and voila!  All of your payment info is entered in for you – no more running down the hall to fetch your wallet, and no more mistakes while entering your info.

All in all I think 1Password is an excellent buy for only $39.95 for a single user license.